Lynnfield Average Income Tax Deduction

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This recent Boston Globe article maybe of interest to Lynnfield Transparency readers.

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Recommendation for New Town Adminstrator

The following was submitted by a Lynnfield Transparency reader.  Thank you for your input and thoughtful consideration concerning our next Town Administrator.

Town Administrator

Job Description

Lynnfield MA

The Administrator for the town of Lynnfield under the guidance of the Board of Selectmen is responsible for the day to day operations of the Town’s government. Through frequent and direct interactions the administrator shall ensure the smooth functioning of the government by providing department heads with direction and guidance.  The Administrator through the establishment of effective working relationships will ensure the implementation of the direction of the Board of Selectmen as well as the town’s compliance with State and Federal law. He/she will also comply with Essex County policies, procedures in any matters that may affect the town of Lynnfield.

The Administrator as Personnel Officer of the town will:

Supervise and provide direction to all department heads.

Ensure that all personnel records are maintained and complete.

Ensure that all employees are fully trained on all policies and procedures as may be required.

Ensure that all town personnel policies are adhered to and administered fairly.

Administer personnel performance reviews of department heads and administrative staff as appropriate.

Reviews and approves disciplinary actions up to and including suspension and will provide recommendations of termination to the Board of Selectmen.

The Administrator as part of his/her supervisory duties will:

Conceive, develop and present for approval to the Board of Selectmen policies and procedures as may be required.

Implement the recommendations of the town’s auditors as should be stated in the annual financial reports.

Investigate and implement cost savings for the town and report out quarterly.

Act as lead negotiator for the contract of services, goods, and capital items as well as personnel union contracts.

Develop draft and coordinate Grants and RFPs/RFQs for the town in accordance to the law as may be required.

Develop criteria for a project manager search for projects exceeding $250k as needed to ensure proper budget control.

Conduct regular one on one and department head and employee meetings to update personnel and solicit feedback on issues or problems.


Develop, maintain and gain approval of the BOS of a 5 year Master Plan describing the development and proposed evolution of the town government and services as may be required by our community.

Provide the BOS with the preparatory information packages for their next meeting and monthly written reports on town activities/affairs.


The Administrator as part of their financial responsibilities will:

Develop, review and present in coordination with the Department Heads the annual budget of expenses and revenues of the town to the BOS for approval in an agreed upon timeframe.

Represent the town in Finance Committee meetings to present update/status information and department budget requests.

Monitor and report to the BOS department spending and revenues against the approved budget monthly and adjust spending to maintain budgetary compliance.

Reconcile and report to the BOS the account balances and revenues of the Treasurer, Town Clerk, Tax Collector.

Ensure that transfers to and from town accounts are appropriately authorized and completed on a timely basis.

Ensure that the town’s departments fully cooperate and coordinate with the town’s auditors.

Implement and maintain a capital asset tracking system and report on it annually.


The Administrator as the manager of the town government will:

Receive, investigate and respond to citizen complaints in a timely and professional manner.

Review the recommendations of the Board of Assessors and recommend action to the BOS for requests for abatement and exemptions.


The Administrator may also be assigned other duties from time to time as determined by the BOS.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:

The Administrator shall have a thorough working knowledge of public administration including municipal accounting, personnel management of professional staff as well as Massachusetts Municipal State Law.  He/She shall have developed skills in communication (oral and written), planning, organizing, delegation and resolution of disputes.  He/She will possess excellent judgement, and the ability to lead.


               Supervision Exercised:

The Administrator will have direct supervisory authority over all department heads that fall under the control of the BOS.  He/She shall have the authority to discipline and suspend employees under his/her control and to make the recommendations to the selectmen regarding termination.  The administrator shall have all other authority as may be granted under the town’s policies and procedures as approved by the BOS.


               Minimum Qualifications:

A Bachelor’s degree in Public Management, Business Finance or related field with five years of relevant experience.  Master’s degree preferred including two years of prior administrative experience. Prior experience in Massachusetts Municipal setting, CPA or law degree preferred, experience in Essex County or State Committees preferred.



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King Rail Recent Issue: “….condition of soil by the proposed clubhouse, environmental testing has revealed is incapable of supporting any buildings.”

Please read the attached article for more details : Picture


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Lynnfield Public Schools Outstanding MCAS 2017

Congratulations to Lynnfield’s dedicatd teachers and outstanding students for exemplary MCAS results.  For more information, please read the article attached.

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Elderly Tax relief is becoming a hot topic, throughout the state. Several elderly residents have spoken with me about rising taxes and I think it’s time for Lynnfield to provide an improved tax benefit for our elderly residents. With Reading adopting a Senior Tax Break, some research was done to assist and help jumpstart the discussion of a tax credit for Lynnfield’s elderly homeowners.

Why? Why should we grant tax relief to the elderly?  They have worked hard their entire lives, paid into the system, and raised their children here.  The elderly constitute 18.8% of the Town.  They are a significant and vulnerable population.  The most deserving elderly should be granted some relief on moral grounds.  After all, the measure of a good society is judged by how its children and elderly are treated.

We can afford it. The Town has millions in retiring debt.  Much of this money will be committed to new building projects, but surely we can spend some of it on our qualifying seniors.  The state also reimburses the Town for qualifying tax credits.  The state will help fund the elderly tax credits and can do so at a much more generous level of funding.

The tax relief we give now is insufficient.  We give a credit of $500 to 18 seniors in town.  That credit is paltry compared to an average family property tax bill of $8,525 for this year. The criteria for the current tax credit are too exclusive.  To qualify, Seniors  must have less than $40,000 in assets in their possession.  The current credit is only available to those who make less than $7,000 after Social Security.  This current credit is so restrictive that we have seen a 50% decline in enrollment.

We have options. The state has allowed more generous options.  One choice would be to adjust the income limitations on the current credit.  We could even double the size of the credit to $1000.  Another alternative would be to adopt Clause 41C½ which has no asset limit and the income limits are fixed by the state.  Last year the state set the limit at $86,000 for married couples.  As long as we do not exceed the guidelines, the state will reimburse the town accordingly.

Adopting Clause 41C½ would have a real impact.  According to the most recent state numbers 284 people could qualify under the state formula.  However the state number is based on individual income tax returns, and does not account for the need to file property tax by household, so the number eligible is a little smaller.  Nonetheless that number is far greater than the 18 people under the current restrictive credit.  This could impact roughly $379,000 which could be abated to taxpayers , with the town receiving reimbursements from the state.  The current credit only abates $13,500 to Lynnfield’s tax payers.

  Current Credit (Clause 41C) Potential Clause 41C½
People Qualifying 18 284
Income Limits $7000, after deduction for Social Security $71,000 single person; $86,000 married
Asset Limits $40,000 for all possession No limit
Amount Abated to each House $500 5%-20% of the median assessed property value
Amount in play $13,500 $379,000 (est.)
*Default for 41C1/2: must own here for min. 10 years and  70 years old by

July 1 of filing year.



  Current Credit (Clause 41C) Potential Clause 41C½
People Qualifying 18 284
Income Limits $7000, after deduction for Social Security $71,000 single person; $86,000 married
Asset Limits $40,000 for all possession No limit
Amount Abated to each House $500 5%-20% of the median assessed property value
Amount in play $13,500 $379,000 (est.)
*Default for 41C1/2: must own here for min. 10 years and  70 years old by

July 1 of filing year.



As Lynnfield residents, it is time to ask ourselves what priority our elderly have with so many future demands on our tax dollars. This may not be the elderly tax credit the town adopts, but it will start the discussion on what kind of tax relief our qualifying seniors will or should receive.  I hope you have found this information useful and look forward to supporting our town boards as they solidify improved Elderly Tax Credits for Lynnfield’s deserving Elderly homeowners.



Katy Shea

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Town Meeting Meeting Tonight

Below are the warrants that will be voted on tonight.  The meeeting begins at 7pm at Lynnfield’s Middle School.

october_town_meeting_warrant (1)

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