Why is “L.I.F.T.” important to you?


Mission Statement:  Keeping you up–to–date on Lynnfield town matters that affect you and your family.  L.I.F.T. was formed to “LIFT” the fog, providing easy to understand information with viable details, comparisons and up-to-date perspectives to assist with your decision making.

Goal:  L.I.F.T. “the fog” on town matters that may not be clearly presented to Lynnfield Residents. Provide easy access to information regarding town matters that affect you and your family.

Purpose:  Traditionally, Lynnfield town matters are presented from one viewpoint and can be confusing with minimal details.  L.I.F.T. is designed to stimulate your awareness and provide timely information, in an easy to understand format that will assist you an informed citizen of Lynnfield.  Now you can be up to date on your hometown, by looking at your cell phone or computer. We are looking forward to stimulating your interest in all matters pertaining to our town and encourage spirited debate and opposing viewpoints.  We believe knowledge is power and an important cornerstone in preserving our great town of Lynnfield!

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One comment on “Why is “L.I.F.T.” important to you?
  1. lynntrans says:

    It will be good to learn more about our town.

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