Learning More About Our Tax Dollars!


Did you know the amount of money required to operate Lynnfield has “increased 43%” in the past 10 years?

Did you know our school population has “increased by 5%” over the last 10 years?

Did you know Lynnfield’s population “has grown 8% ” since the year 2000?

For more details, review the charts below for financial and population numbers:

(Total Tax Levy)
2005 $32,654,648.00
2006 $34,589,290.00
2007 $36,862,441.00
2008 $39,484,681.00
2009 $43,165,349.00
2010 $41,803,520.00
2011 $42,905,732.00
2012 $43,354,143.00
2013 $44,500,727.00
2014 $46,903,705.00
TOTAL INCREASE $13,518,454
*All data from Lynnfield Board of Assessors Office
Year /Growth Lynnfield Population Source:
2000 11366 2000 US Census
2010 11542 Lynnfield Town Clerk Office
2013 *12294 Lynnfield Town Clerk Office
Growth 928
% Growth 8%

*Lynnfield housing starts continue to average 10 per year (including tear downs), per Lynnfield Town Assessor’s Office. Based on this information, we are assuming a good portion of this growth is due to Lynnfield Commons, and Market Street Apartments .

Year/Growth Lynnfield School Population Source:
*2004-2005 K-12 *2053 Lynnfield
2012 – 2013 K-12 2155 Superintendent’s Office

*Information updated based on academic year 2004-2005.

Based on this information, are you satisfied with our town budget being aligned with our school and residential population growth? As a resident and taxpayer of Lynnfield, what are your thoughts on our town budget?

Please leave us your comments by clicking on “Comments” posted at the top of his page, under the title.

Come back on Monday for a closer look at your tax dollars……..

Keep Warm,

Dave Miller and Katy Shea

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One comment on “Learning More About Our Tax Dollars!
  1. Andy Youngren says:

    3% inflation, compounded annually, over 10 years is a 34% increase. Increase this again by 8% (the population increase over 10 years in Lynnfield) and you get a 45% increase.. Seems like a 43% increase in the operating budget is reasonable.

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