Cell Towers and Lynnfield Zoning Bylaws

Town Meeting Warrant Article

When reading the proposed addition it is important to view the entire section 9.4.6 as it will now appear in the Zoning Bylaw.

9.4.1 Purpose
The purpose of the Bylaw, in addition to the purposes enumerated in the preamble to these Bylaws, is to establish general guidelines for the sitting of wireless communication towers and facilities. The goal of the Bylaw is to,

1. Encourage the location of towers on municipal land or general business, commercial, or limited industrial zoned land.
2. Minimize the total number of towers throughout the community.
3. Require the co-location of new and existing facilities.
4. Encourage users of towers and facilities to locate them, to the extent possible, in areas where the adverse impacts on adjacent properties (including visual) to the community is minimal.
5. Encourage users of towers and facilities to configure them in a way that minimizes the adverse impact of towers and facilities and in furtherance thereof, due to the nature of divided highways.
6. Enhance the ability of the providers of communications services to provide such services to the community effectively and efficiently.
7. To make available all wireless communication tower locations to local municipal agencies.

8. To lessen the impact upon residents, property values, public safety, and Town character.
9.4.6 Application Process
All applications for wireless communications facilities, antenna, panel, or satellite dishes shall be made and filed on the applicable application form in compliance with the Board of Appeals instructions. In addition to the requirements of the site plan specified in subsection 7.4 the following information shall also be submitted to be considered complete:

1. A locus plan at a scale of 1″=100′ which shall show all property lines, the exact location of the proposed structure(s), streets, landscape features, residential dwellings and neighborhoods and all buildings within one thousand (1000) feet of the subject property. A.T.M. April 26, 2010

2. If the facility includes the erection of a monopole, a color photograph or rendition of the proposed monopole with its antenna and/or panels shall be submitted. For satellite dishes or residential antenna, a color photograph or rendition illustrating the dish at the proposed location is required. A rendition shall also be prepared illustrating a view of the monopole, dish or antenna from the nearest street or streets.

(a) The confirmation that the monopole complies with all applicable Federal and State standards.

(b) That the proposed monopole with its antenna and/or panels can not be replaced through the use of other technology and shall be documented to show that such technology would not be sufficient to meet Federal and State standards.

3. The following information prepared by one or more professional engineers:

(a) Describe the capacity of the facility including the number and type of panels, antenna and/or transmitter /receivers that it can accommodate and the basis for these calculations. To the extent technologically practicable, the applicant shall provide information concerning the foreseeable industry growth needs for the facility’s use for the succeeding ten (10) years.

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