Just two weeks after town meeting, our Selectmen voted to overrule the Town Meeting vote on Market Street. This is the first time in memory that Lynnfield’s Selectmen have overruled the will of the people. Our Selectmen voted 2 to 1 (Crawford – Yes, Nelson – Yes, Terranova – No), to take an inactive paper road and name it Market Street. This enables the MASS DOT (Massachusetts Department of Transportation) to put up 4 signs or more on 128, pointing all traffic to exit 43 and naming the exit Market Street.
Several Lynnfield residents attended last night’s meeting asking for the vote to be brought back to October Town meeting, but 2 of our 3 Selectmen did not agree. Residents attending the meeting also asked for a delay to find a way to leverage/promote more use of Exit 42 in Wakefield relieving the traffic load on Exit 43, Walnut Street. Residents stated current night truck traffic is loud for homeowners and opening up Exit 42, particularly for commercial traffic, would help to reduce the neighborhood noise. Selectmen Crawford stated this “…is a safety issue and we need to vote on this tonight…” He also stated, “…National Development is a big taxpayer…” and needs to be supported. Selectmen Nelson supported these points, while Selectmen Terranova believed the recent Town Meeting vote should be respected and the issue should be resubmitted to the October Town Meeting before any final enactment. Selectmen Terranova did not support the other Selectmen overruling the majority vote of the residents of Lynnfield.
People living in the area failed to verify the so-called urgent “safety issue” and asked what was really going on here? There were safety concerns voiced about children/ pedestrians crossing Walnut Street to enter Market Street and pointing all future traffic to Exit 43 would only exasperate this situation.
In summary, last night’s vote by our Selectmen was a bold contradiction/diminishment of Town Meeting. We need to ask ourselves, “Is Town Meeting respected by our Selectmen? Do higher tax payers get special treatment in Lynnfield? Is our political process broken? Can big business (W/S Development and National Development) without voting rights, sway our politicians to turn their back on those that voted them into office? Do our Selectmen respect the political process, or is there something else going on?” No one knows for sure, but last night’s Selectmen’s Meeting was an eye opener……
At this time, a special “Thank You” goes out to Selectmen Terranova for supporting the residents of Lynnfield and respecting Town Meeting and our established political process.

Katy Shea

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  1. Mark McDonough says:

    Time for a recall election? I think so, so lets start and not finish untill we have a Board that respects our wishes. And if the safety of Lynnfield residents is such a big issue than direct some of the traffic to the Wakefield exit. Mark McDonough

  2. Sydney Jonson says:

    It clearly raised the question of whether / who is lining whose pockets with this arrangement. As they say, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, its very likely a duck. Here, it’s very likely something less than open and honest. A very sad commentary on the integrity of two of our selectmen

  3. Melissa says:

    I’ve been reading everything and came across this article. Since working over in the Market Street areas I have realized the strong need to “fix” this issue with the street names. I only work over there 4 hours per week and in those four hours I receive at least 5 phone calls because people are lost. The GPS is calling that entire area “walnut street” and its causing problems. However, I do agree that we need signs and wakefield NEEDS signs on that end.

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