May 19th, 2014, is now a date of infamy in the history of the Town of Lynnfield. On this date democracy ceased to exist. In an unprecedented move the people’s vote at Town Meeting was ignored and then negated by two of the selectman, Mr. Crawford and Mr. Nelson, in order to satisfy the needs of the Town’s “largest taxpayer”. There was no opposition at the Selectmen’s Meeting by any attending citizen regarding the requested signage for “public safety”. There were, however, numerous passionate pleas to not ignore the Town Meeting vote and to table the issue for two weeks for additional study. The pleas fell on deaf ears.
The opportunity to spread the Mall traffic between exits 43 and 42 is now gone, all Mall traffic will be directed to exit 43. I am disgusted by the defiant arrogance of these two selectmen and also by the actions of the Town Administrator, Mr. Gustus, who chose to ignore the question of why this was a “critical” matter and instead urged the selectmen to vote. The obvious urgency for their repugnant action remains undisclosed. They overruled the Town Meeting vote on this issue with total disregard for the citizens they represent.
Now, as we prepare to celebrate the Tricentennial of Lynnfield, I wonder what the reaction of the founding fathers of the Town would be to see the results of the purest form of democracy, the town meeting, just cast aside.

Frank Sawin
1 Fern Lane
AKA 260 Walnut Street

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