JUNE 30th
There will be a “Special Town Meeting” on June 30th at the Middle School. This meeting will be to vote on one Warrant Article that will ask if the town wishes to purchase “Centre Farm” on Main Street across from the Centre Shopping area for $1.5M. This purchase price includes $1.4M + $100,000 +/- for initial repair work. Further required maintenance and annual upkeep are not included in these figures nor is the loss in tax revenue. The town will be asked to purchase this house with no plan on what will be done with it in the future. There was much discussion about will the home be preserved or used for other purposes. Currently the home is zoned for residential purposes, but we were advised last night (by our Town Administrator and Selectmen), that no zoning changes could take place without further town meeting approval. Mrs. Campbell did mention having a plan in place before Town Meeting would be beneficial otherwise the building could be used for any purpose without the consent of Town Meeting.
If approved, the Town will take out a short term loan followed by a long term loan in the next fiscal year and pay for the acquisition from monies received from the sale of homes in the Over 55 housing project on Salem Street behind the Senior Center plus new revenue from Market Street. Please Note: The Town’s installment sale proceeds from the Salem Street Over 55 project were originally scheduled to be paid on closing in full and used to pay off the $12M debt at Reedy Meadow, but now are additionally being used for the new fields and are being further appropriated for the proposed purchase of Centre Farm. So it appears the monies from the Salem Street project will be used for 3 purposes, but the first (Reedy Meadow) is not paid off. Interesting…..
Per our Town Charter, we will need 175 people to attend Town Meeting to vote on the purchase of Centre Farm – a 2/3 majority is required for the land purchase and further assumption of debt. Please mark your calendars, if you are interested in attending.

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