Centre Farm Meeting Regarding Potential Purchase – June 18 at 7pm



My name is Ted Caswell and I am writing to you concerning a very unique opportunity with a substantial upside for the Town of Lynnfield.   As you may know, Lynnfield has a situation that will require some quick action.   The Center Farm (567 Main St) has been put up for sale and the outcome of the transaction will change Lynnfield’s future forever …. One way or another.   This property is the most iconic building in Lynnfield and to lose it would change the character of the town.


On a personal note and as a town resident, I for one would be extremely distraught if this land where to fall into a developers hands.   It would be a complete shame if this property was to be sold out from under us and then we would have no say in what happens to the property.   It’s difficult to even visualize three (3) “McMansions” on that property, not to mention the demolition and loss of the current buildings.   Is this what the town residents want?


Although there has been much conversation already on how the town might use this property, there will be time to study and analyze that later.   Already there have been many great ideas discussed, but at this time it really comes down to … What will Lynnfield Center become; if the Town is unable to secure this property?     Preservation of the Town Center and the Character of Lynnfield is the only goal of the Town Meeting vote.   A confirming vote will maintain the status quo until careful thought and discussion can be given to the repurpose of the property or maybe worst case … resale (with a deed restriction).


We have organized an informational meeting for this Wednesday evening 6/18 at 7:00 to be held at the historic meeting house.  Please come out to learn more about this opportunity and to support this gallant effort.  We need your help!  Please forward this note on to others.


Thank you for your support in advance!


Ted Caswell





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