Did Wakefield Overreach When Diverting Traffic to Exit 43?

Attached is Wakefield’s Board of Appeals decision concerning a simple request for a free standing sign variance at the Audubon Street entrance, which, as part of granting that sign variance, effectively requires WS/National Development to route 100% of Market Street retail Traffic to Exit 43. (When WS/National Development negotiated with Lynnfield, 60% of the traffic was to be routed to Exit 43 and 40% was to be routed to Exit 42.) A few highlighted areas have been checked that might interest you particularly sections 2, 3 and 4. The major additional points in allowing the physical sign variance are:

The Wakefield Board of Appeals placed restrictive covenants concerning media/radio/tv advertising which do not permit ND [Market Street] to advertise Exit 42 Audubon Road as an access/egress point to the mall. Exit 43 is to be designated the official access/egress for Market Street. [Section 2]

Additionally, the decision requires ND to use its good faith efforts to assure that GPS, Google Maps and other electronic directions exclusively use Exit 43 Walnut Street as the access/egress to Market Street. [Section 4]

Market Street Decision exit 43

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One comment on “Did Wakefield Overreach When Diverting Traffic to Exit 43?
  1. John says:

    What I am not clear on is when ND negotiated the 60/40 split with Lynnfield and when Wakefield established the prohibitions. Are the Wakefield prohibitions binding on ND? If not, ND needs to be held to account

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