Theater Update For Fall Town Meeting

We are highly encouraged to hear from National Development that they will not be seeking to overturn the Development Agreement by seeking a theater at this Fall’s Town Meeting.

We hope that the Selectmen and everyone in town agrees to Honor The Agreement by letting the existing and highly successful project continue on as originally planned. Area residents are having to adjust to traffic and Quality of Life impacts that further changes to the Agreement would only serve to exacerbate.

Residents from across town have expressed sympathy for these serious impacts and most realize that now is not the time to make another major change to the project. We hope everyone in town can understand and appreciate these serious issues and the burden they are placing on many of their fellow towns’ people.

Thank you,

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One comment on “Theater Update For Fall Town Meeting
  1. Joe Yurkus says:

    Awesome news! I say give ND nothing. Stand strong Lynnfield.

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