Updated Technology Brings Town Government to Your Home

Bill Gustus, Town Administrator, advises that during the last year, the Town has made several improvements to the Town Website (http://www.town.lynnfield.ma.us/Pages/index) which include:

a) The inclusion of board and committee agenda on the same front page news
posting where all committee meetings are posted.
b) The posting of relevant meeting materials for all regular Board of Selectmen
meetings at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.
c) Posting of annual reports back to 2007.
d) Direct e-mail links to all three selectmen. (Note the web-site is not clear that the email link is available only when you click on the Selectmen’s name on the Selectmen Page and only the bold printed names in the other departments.)
e) Adding a page with e-mails and contact links for ad-hoc boards and
f) Posting of town meeting handouts when received and ready prior to annual
town meeting.
g) Posting of new policies adopted by the Board: Code of Conduct, Code of
Ethics, Fraud Policy.

The General Code review effort, when completed, will allow us to have a searchable set of bylaws, rules and regulations online.

Also, Mr. Gustus states that with respect to the broadcast of Town Meeting by both Cable providers, he is happy to report that Verizon and Comcast have coordinated the ability to broadcast from the Middle School as part of the overhaul of our entire Local Cable access operation. The switchover of live feeds from the Town to the cable providers is complete and the switchover from the High School to the Market Street site is scheduled to occur on September 7, 2014. This will allow the live broadcast of all future Town Meeting from either the High School or the Middle School over both cable provider networks.

These are good steps in providing more local government information and transparency. Please take advantage of these and the future improvements to find out more about your Town government.”


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