Second Time, Town Meeting Vote Is Over Turned By Selectmen in 2 to 1 Vote


Last night the BOS voted 2 to 1 to not honor the April Town Meeting Article 23 request for a dual budget presentation scenario at upcoming Town Meetings. Most of the Department Heads were under the impression [which was not corrected by the Selectmen] that Article 23 was attempting a “zero-base” budget approach [it does not, it only explores a budget alternative that does not include the 2 1/2% voluntary, permissible increase]. The incorrect premise on the part of the Department Heads severely impinged on their ability to step forward and accept the wishes of Town Meeting and “work-the-problem”.

This is the second time in 6 months that the Selectmen have taken the unprecedented action of ignoring Town Meeting votes – the first concerned Mkt St. naming and signage.


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