CVS Meeting Update

On Thursday night an informative meeting was held by CVS with the townspeople of Lynnfield, to discuss a new building on the site where the Bridgewell building currently sits. Traffic was the biggest concern at the meeting. CVS Representatives were informative and listened to the neighbors’ concerns. CVS seemed very willing to listen to suggestions. One suggestion made was to cut away part of the sidewalk and to make more room for a right hand turn from Salem St.  After the meeting, I spoke with area residents and they did not think this would correct the traffic issues, but was and interesting alternative.

One question not answered during the meeting was who is going to pay for the additional road work: The town? The state? Or CVS?  Also, can this be approved before April town vote?  (CVS would like to put a Drive Thru at the site. This would change the zoning of the site.  The zoning change needs to be approved at town meeting.  CVS is targeting April Town Meeting for approval.)

Keeping you informed,

Katy Shea

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2 comments on “CVS Meeting Update
  1. Debbie Laconte says:

    Thank you Katy for always being on the ball, and keeping us informed. I had no idea about any of this. For some reason I didn’t get this week’s Villager.

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