Unexplained $1.1M Increase, Lynnfield’s 2015 Operating Budget

Katy Shea Asks For Explanation

Unexplained $1.1M Increase, Lynnfield’s 2015 Operating Budget

At last night’s BOS Meeting, Katy Shea asked for an explanation of a $1.1M increase from the actual “FY 2015 Town Administrator’s Budget Recommendation” presented in 2014, versus the “2015 Town Administrator Operating Budget” reviewed last night.   Katy highlighted this discrepancy because it is a financial misrepresentation to the people as these numbers should not change, after being presented to the townsfolk.

This misrepresentation resulted in an error, when computing the overall budget increase from FY2015 to FY2016. Per the materials provided at town meeting by the Town Administrator, the budget increase is $1,163,308.69 (2.5%). The ACTUAL increase is $2,290,561 (5%).

FY2015 TA Budget (3/14/2014) FY2016 Preliminary Variance % Increase
Incorrect 46,490,143.75 47,653,452.44 1,163,308.69 2.50%
Correct 45,362,891.01 47,653,452.44 2,290,561.43 5.05%

Mr. Boudreau, our current Town Administrator is reviewing the discrepancy brought to the Boards attention. This is another example of Mrs. Shea’s keen financial acumen and commitment to provide full transparency to the taxpayers of Lynnfield.  Katy Shea is a Selectman Candidate for the April 13 election.  To learn more about Katy, visit her website at electkatyshea.com or her facebook page at Katy Shea Selectman.

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