Winners and Losers in Lynnfield Town Election

Winners and Losers in Lynnfield Town Election

April 21, 2015


Democracy – Voters were concerned and turned out in record #s for a town election. Went from 1,903 voters in 2013 to 2,675 in 2015, a 40% increase. In 2013 there were two selectmen races, this year; the only contested race was the selectmen race.

Katy Shea – She was able to articulate growing concerns with a large segment of the town. Concerns ranged from taxes to changing character of the community. She was able to bring new people into the election process.

Chris Barrett – Was able to use his school committee incumbency, current town officials endorsements, mailings and robo calls to win the election

Lawn Signs printers– Barrett easily outnumbered Shea signs and the printers for both of them were clear winners. No one uses bumper stickers anymore.


Arthur Bourque – The Town Moderator’s 4 page letter supporting Chris Barrett turned off a number of people with the characterization of Kate Shea’s supporters. I found his Orwellian history of the Market Street signage the most interesting. The email and letter probably did not have the positive impact he had planned. An interesting note is that although the number of voters from 2013 to2015 increased 40%, the number of write-ins for moderator increased 100%.

Chris Barrett – As Joe DeMaina said – “As Phil Crawford before him (evading Town Meeting votes not once but twice) Chris Barretts’ first act as a Selectman was to defy the long standing town tradition of voting in as Chairman the Selectman next up for election by voting in Phil Crawford as the new chairman. They believe the only opinions that matter are their own. Instead of being independent the new Selectman is beholding to Crawford and his base. He will do as he is told.”

Katy Shea – Could not find a the final way to change 20 votes.

Unanswered Questions

Will Chairman Phil Crawford and Chris Barrett try and address the concerns that Kate Shea raised and will they try and bring others into the Town Government

What will Kate Shea do over the next year? Will she be able to continue to be an effective “change agent?”

According to the election results the Town Clerk sent out there were six people who did not vote in the Selectman’s race. It was the only contested race, so I wonder what uncontested race did they go down and vote for.

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