Broken Promises and Agreements

We’ve nothing without integrity. Honor of one’s words should never be compromised. Imagine, speaking with the newest member of the Board of Selectmen, and he not even knowing that the tennis courts @ Newhall Park are still being planned to be torn down … in their place … more parking for Lynnfield Little League. Mr. Barrett said ” No, they changed their minds and are keeping them!”
Wrong, even though Arthur Bourque acknowledges that no one has even inquired with the owner of the Bali Hai to see if, in a neighborly way, he would be open to sharing his parking lot with those who can’t walk from Locksley Road to the field.
the $65,000.00 question: Why hasn’t H. Joseph Maney spoken out to honor his word to my family … How is it that the monies were there to bring the courts back to one level, fresh surface to play upon, and now are not.
My family lost my Dad, Norman Newhall, last June. I spoke at Town Meeting about the heavy hearted dismay that it brought to even be a considered option to tear them down. This park has existed as a recreational park forever to the townspeople since 1902. Dedicated, in memoriam to my Dad’s brother, Donald Newhall In 1957 for his service to the Town.
Why is it the $65,000.00 question, because that’s the amount of money gifted by my family for Newhall Park.
Linda (Newhall) Newton

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2 comments on “Broken Promises and Agreements
  1. sydney jonson says:

    I was quite shocked (well, guess I really should not have been) that the town would consider tearing down the courts simply to provide more parking. I have used the Newhall Park many times … including when there are ball games … and parking is not that much of an issue.

    News flash, park up the street and walk down … it’s really not that hard

  2. sydney jonson says:

    BTW – speaking of town land / parks, what ever happened to the Ball Field that was supposed to be restored and returned to the town of Lynnfield after a leaching field was installed for the Condo’s being build behind the Senior Center ??? We talk about not having fields … well???

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