Lynnfield Roads To Be Repaired

Thank you to our DPW Director, Andrew Lafferty for presenting at Monday’s Selectmen’s meeting and reviewing scheduled Road Repairs. The estimated budget for these repairs are $1,222,802.  (Selectman Terranova made a motion during April’s Town Meeting, to add additional funds in road repair from our “Sale of Real Estate Account”.  This resulted in an additional $250,000 of funding to be transferred to road repair.  This transfer will be accomplished without raising taxes.)  Some of the Road Repairs may extend into the next fiscal year based on the nature of the repairs, weather conditions and coordination with local utilities. Below is a list of streets to be repaired.

*Please keep in mind, the FY 2016 Fiscal Calendar begins July 1, 2015.


Road Construction FY 2015–FY 2016:       

Lovell Rd.                  300ft.                                                                                                

Bourque Rd.            Pillings Pond to End                                                           

Road Construction FY2016                       

Main St.   (95 ramp to Old Towne Rd.)                                                 

Wing Rd. (Main St. – Main St.)                                                              

Strout Rd. (Main St – Wing Rd.)                                                 

Perry Ave. (Main St. to Ford Ave.)                                                         

Ford Ave.  (Perry Ave to End)                                                                  

Windsor Road (Hart Rd. to End)                                                            

Locksley Road (Moulton Dr. to Friar’s Lane)                                       

Mirabeau Ln. (Main St. to End)                                                              

Lowell St. (Main St. – 348 Lowell St.)                                                    



Walnut St.

24-26 Cortland Lane

3 Driftwood Lane

1 Wymon Way

31-35 Pillings Pond Rd.

259-265 Pillings Pond Rd.

17 Longbow Ave.

200 Essex Street

2015-16 Road Paving Memo (4)

Information provided by Katy Shea

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