Your Parking Issues Being Reviewed

The following questions were asked on Lynnfield Transparency’s Facebook Page. I would like to thank Cheif Breen for his prompt response (see below).  I would also like to thank Jim Boudreau and Andre Lafferty for taking a closer look at these parking issues.  A special thanks to the readers of Lynnfield Transparency. Your objective input helps to build a better community.

Questions Posted by concerned Lynnfield Residents:

“What, if anything, is being done to address the parking situation at Jordan Park on Sundays, now that there are games there. This past weekend, there was just enough room for one-way traffic, as parents are parking on both sides of Wildewood. This is a hazard and would be impossible for emergency vehicles to get through.”

“Perry Ave is very dangerous for the many Middle Schoolers walking home from school with cars parked on the end of the street!”

“This is a daily occurrence on Beaver Ave.because of the middle school. It was brutal this winter.”

Chief Breen Response:


I visited the area of Jordan Park with Town Administrator Jim Boudreau today and explained how congested the area becomes when there are games at the soccer field. I also discussed the Hutchins Circle, Perry Ave, and Beaver Ave complaints. We will be scheduling a meeting with Andrew Lafferty to discuss this further and we will send our recommendations to the Board. As you know, any  decisions on signage must come from the Lynnfield Board of Selectmen. Hopefully we can mitigate these concerns with our recommendations. Thank you for your concern.

Chief Breen

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