Union Hospital has been an asset and relied upon for many years. Its closing will impact many families as it is the closest Hospital and Emergency Care facility to Lynnfield. For Lynnfield Residents, traveling to Salem, Beverly, Melrose or Boston in an emergency situation will be challenging to say the least. As Lynnfield’s development continues, more residents, businesses and people working/shopping in Lynnfield will increase. There will be an increased demand for medical care (especially in emergencies). Our once quiet residential community is attracting more people and our medical assistance requirements will continue to increase along with it. This change could result in much more traffic on Salem Street, as residents in surrounding town’s access Route 1 South while driving to Boston or Melrose for medical care, as well as Lynnfield residents traveling to Salem Hospital. I can appreciate the financial reality of hospital consolidations, however an Emergency Room should be maintained at Union Hospital. This could be the difference between life and death for someone.  I am happy to have read Partner’s has decided to keep the Emergency Room open for an additional three years.  As our Community Health Provider, I am hoping this action extends beyond three years. It is my opinion the people of Lynnfield and surrounding communities should receive the best care in an emergency situation. A nearby Emergency Room is critical when urgent medical attention is required.

Kind regards,


Tom Terranova Selectman

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