Lynnfield Traffic Forecast Increasing!

BETA Engineering met with Lynnfield Residents and our local officials, to discuss their findings on the traffic study they did in December of 2014. The findings were along the lines of what residents have been complaining about for well over a year.

As Phase II is completed, the anticipated traffic impact is outlined below:

  • The Walnut Street/Market Street Intersection is anticipated to go from a
    • C rated intersection to a D – there were several options discussed, this would include a left turn signal for those exiting Market Street and improving the traffic lines to improve visibility for automobiles
  • The Walnut Street/Salem Street intersection is projected to go from a D rated intersection to an E

ON A GOOD NOTE: Selectman Terranova motioned for an additional traffic officer to be added. He also explained, based on the amount of tickets and revenue generated by officers that have been in the area, the additional officer should be self- funding. It is projected this action will not affect taxpayers. Joe DeMaina, a local resident pointedly asked the remaining two selectmen, if they would support adding a warrant for the October Town Meeting in support of an additional officer. With some hesitation, they both agreed.

At the suggestion of Bob Casoli, Sparhawk now has orange barrels with “No U-turn” signs posted clearly. Hopefully, this will alleviate the problem Sparhawk residents are currently having.

It is unfortunate that when Market Street (originally Meadow Walk) was presented to the residents of Lynnfield, the traffic was not supposed to be a problem. This was based on Exit 43 (Lynnfield) and Exit 42 (Wakefield) being advertised as access exits by WS Development/National Development. After Lynnfield passed the project, the developers made an agreement with Wakefield for the right to erect a Billboard in front of the Sheraton (Wakefield – 128 North). This precluded Market Street Developers from advertising Exit 42. The balance of traffic was shifted solely to Exit 43 in Lynnfield and continues to cause problems for local residents. Based on all reports, this problem will be compounded in the future. A traffic officer will improve the situation and is the best alternative to the situation at hand.

Katy Shea

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One comment on “Lynnfield Traffic Forecast Increasing!
  1. Cathy Ballou Mealey says:

    I do believe another viable alternative would be to insist that the developer re-visit their arrangement with the town of Wakefield regarding the billboard and the use of Exit 42 as an alternative Market Street entrance.

    Exit 42 is already heavily commercial in nature, and could easily absorb 50% of the Market Street traffic, easing the congestion and burden for Lynnfield residents.

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