Potential Donation to the Town


As many of you know Herb Chambers is interested with the purchase of property along Route 1 in Lynnfield starting from his Current dealership location through the corner of Route 1 and Salem Street. Several months ago, I met with the Attorney representing Mr. Chambers. I strongly suggested that if Mr. Chambers was going to purchase the property and make a donation to the Town of Lynnfield, it should benefit the residents he is impacting with his new dealership(s). To that end I made the following recommendations, in an effort to give back to the neighborhood:

1. Install a gate at the Emergency access road to Lynnfield Commons from Canterbury Road.

2. If property should become available to the Town, such as the Perley Burrell property, he should fund the conversation costs to make it a playground for the children and adults to enjoy. (This would be enjoyed by the neighborhood and residents throughout Lynnfield.)

3. There is a flooding problem between Ledge Road and Canterbury Road that needs to be repaired, this would be an appropriate repair for Mr., Chambers to fund.

This is an important situation that we should all be mindful of and respect what our neighbors are forfeiting living between Canterbury Road (Route 1) and Goodwin Circle.

Tom Terranova

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