Sign Regulations to be Discussed By Planning Board




The Lynnfield Planning Board will hold a Public Hearing on Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at 7:00 P.M. in the Selectmen’s Meeting Room at Town Hall, 55 Summer Street to consider proposed amendments to the Zoning Bylaws.

To see if the Town will vote to amend the Zoning Bylaws by:

Adding at the end of Section 6 Sign Regulations

6.8 Standards Applicable in All Districts

Signs shall neither contain moving elements nor convey the appearance of movement, whether by changing pixilation or any other physical or electronic representation of movement.

Adding to Section 2 Definitions

      2.15 Sign

      Any letter, figure, character, mark, plane, point marquee sign, design, poster, pictorial, picture, stroke, stripe, line trademark, reading matter or illuminated service, which shall be constructed, placed, attached, painted,, corrected, fastened or manufactured in any manner whatsoever, so that the same shall be used for the attraction of the public to any place, subject, person, firm corporation, public performance, article, machine or merchandise, whatsoever, which is displayed in any manner outdoor including any of the foregoing which may be visible in any manner for the outdoors.

Adding to Section 2 Definitions

      2.16 Standards Applicable to all Definitions

      2.16.1 Tense & Construction: Words used in the present tense include the future; the singular includes the plural, and the plural and the singular; the words “structure”, “land”, or “premises” shall be construed as though followed by the words “or any portion thereof”, and the word “shall” is always mandatory and not merely discretionary

      2.16.2 Precedence: Those definitions that are set forth in a subsection outside this Section 2 shall take precedence only in that subsection; otherwise those listed in this section shall be used.

      2.16.3 Specific Definitions: In this Zoning Bylaw each term shall have the meaning given herein, unless another meaning is required by the context.

      2.16.4 Missing Definitions: Words not defined herein shall have the meaning as defined in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Building Code in effect on April 1, 2015

Adding to Section 9 Groundwater Protection District subsection 9.3.3 Definitions

7. Acre: For the purposes of this section of the Bylaw relating to Groundwater Protection only, an acre shall be considered to be 400,000 square feet.

The proposed amendments are available for review at the office of the Town Clerk Monday – Thursday 8-4:30, Friday 8-1 or the Planning Board office Monday-Thursday 9-3.

Clerk: Charles B. Wills

Thank you,

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