Terranova proactive with proposed pipeline and how it might effect you


I want to thank Cathy Kristofferson and Paula Terrasi for presenting relevant information and answering pertinent questions from the many Townsfolk that attended Tom Terranova’ s August 19, 2015 Gas Pipeline Community Meeting. There are many questions that the Townsfolk in attendance had from how did the Gas Explosion occur on Robin Road in Lynnfield approximately 10 years ago, why does the Pipeline just end with no final distribution connection, to how will the GAS LEAKS effect OUR DRINKING WATER from the Town Wells? These are a few of the points of interest discussed that the Townsfolk in attendance were concerned with.


Below you will find the August 21, 2015 Boston Globe article “Project reveals 20,000 leaks in Mass. Gas lines”. You will read the Lynnfield is listed with the Communities with the most gas leaks, LYNNFIELD has 1.8 GAS LINE LEAKS PER MILE OF STREET. This needs to be addressed before we allow any additional gas lines to be installed in Lynnfield, the Townspeople safety is at risk and needs to be addressed!!

Boston Globe Article  “Pipeline reveals 20,000 leaks in Mass Gas lines”



Tom Terranova






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