Is your voice being heard?

Selectman Terranova is preparing a warrant that will increase our Board of Selectman from a 3 member to a 5 member board.  Selectman Terranova has prepared this warrant in response to the frustration that many town residents are expressing.  Below are questions presented by the Villager’s  Bob Burgess that will appear in this week s paper with Selectman Terranova’s responses.

1) Why do you want the historically three-member Board of Selectmen to become a five-member board?
2) Do you already have the 10 signatures needed to get your petition as an article at the fall Town Meeting?
3) If your request passes Town Meeting and two thirds of both chambers of the state Legislature, what is the next step in increasing the board of five members?
Thanks for your time.



Hi Bob,
Below is my response to your questions in the order presented:
1. I am responding to my constituents’ requests for MORE Representation, Transparency and VOICE in Town governance. People want better representation, more accurate and timely information, as well as additional Selectmen to oversee the increasing number of issues the good Townsfolk of Lynnfield are facing.
The dynamics of Lynnfield has changed dramatically over the past few years: The addition of Market Street and its possible expansion, the future use of Center Farm, traffic issues along Walnut and Salem Streets, the proposed new library, CVS’ attempts to build at the Bridgewell location, the scheduled closing of Union Hospital, the proposed new high pressure gas pipeline passing by our Town Wells, wetland and conservation land. Not to mention the constant need for monitoring our briskly increasing real estate taxes, as well as growing pension and long term health care obligations to our town employees.
Never before has Lynnfield been under such pressure to ensure that our ever increasing tax dollars are being spent in the most fiscally responsible manner possible. An overwhelming number of Lynnfield residents believe better representation is needed for the people, and more attention needs to be given to the many issues we are facing. Increasing the number of Selectmen will address these needs. A five member board has worked well in other communities, and will work well in Lynnfield.
2. Yes, that was extremely easy.
3. The Town Warrant that will be voted on at our October Town Meeting is a Warrant for and by the people, to provide them
with a stronger VOICE in our government. Once the Warrant passes Town Meeting vote and two thirds vote of both chambers of the state Legislature, Lynnfield Townspeople will vote in April 2016 for THREE Selectmen, TWO three year term positions and ONE two year term position; which will result in a five member Board of Selectmen.
This Warrant is very important to the people of Lynnfield – it is the first step to achieving true, unbiased representation with the Town’s best interests in mind. With a five-member Board of Selectmen, the current status quo (as evidenced by one Selectman’s unilateral decision making in the matter of the NED pipeline) will change. The people of Lynnfield deserve to be heard and heeded, to have access to better and more timely information from their town government. Only then, can we all work together to make the best decisions for the future of Lynnfield.
As a Selectman of Lynnfield, I support the will of the People and therefore, this Warrant.
As a Resident of Lynnfield, it is my personal belief that we will be better served with true, unbiased, independent representation. Therefore, I support this Warrant.
Tom Terranova

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