CVS and Rezoning of Residential Property

A planning Board meeting will be held, to review CVS’ request to rezone Residential Land to Limited Business. To date, the proposed CVS building does not conform to the neighborhood zoning requirements. If you are interested in this meeting, please attend the Planning Board Meeting outlined below:


Wednesday, September 16

7:00 P.M.

Market Street Meeting Room

600 Market Street, 2nd Floor , Lynnfield

The Lynnfield Planning Board will hold a Public Hearing on Wednesday, September 16, 2015 at 7:00 P.M. at the Merritt Community Center, 600 Market Street, 2nd floor to consider a proposed amendment to the Zoning map.

To rezone a portion of certain parcel of land at 834 Salem Street, shown on Lynnfield Assessor’s Map 52 as Parcel 1354, from Residence A (RA) District to Limited Business (LB). Said portion containing 17,523 square feet or 0.40 Acres, more or less as shown on a plan entitled “CVS pharmacy Broadway (RT. 1) & Salem Street (RT. 129) Lynnfield, MA” dated 07/06/2015 ‘Zone Line Amendment Plan’, Sheet number ZA-1, by RJO’Connell & Associates, Inc., Stoneham, Mass.

The proposed amendment which includes the legal description of said parcel proposed for rezoning and said plan are available for review at the office of the Town Clerk Monday – Thursday 8-4:30, Friday 8-1 or the Planning Board office Monday-Thursday 9-3.

Clerk: Charles B. Wills


Publish: Lynnfield Villager August 26 and September 2, 2015 issues

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