Freedom of Information Act and Proposed Pipeline

There has been much discussion regarding the Kinder Morgan Pipeline and how it will impact Lynnfield Residents.  Based on these discussions, I prepared the following letter to better understand the history of the proposed pipeline. In a previous Selectman meeting, Mr. Crawford stated fourteen months ago he had the pipeline re-routed off of Glen Drive and had it follow utility lines for the least amount of impact in our town.  Based on the re-route, there are still homes in North Hill Drive area impacted. Lynnfield Center’s Water District is continuing to work with Kinder Morgan to have the pipeline moved further away from our water supply and future town wells.

Mr. James Boudreau, Lynnfield Town Administrator

55 Summer Street, Lynnfield, Ma

August 24, 2015

Dear Mr. Boudreau,

Under the Freedom of Information Act, I am requesting the following information in regards to the Kinder Morgan pipeline and its construction through the town of Lynnfield:

  1. Any and all documentation regarding the Kinder Morgan Proposed gas pipeline.
  2. Any and all documentation, including meeting minutes, emails, letters, proposed/signed contracts , etc.; regarding the negotiation and agreement to reroute the Kinder Morgan Pipeline through Lynnfield.
  3. The original communication whereby Kinder Morgan contacted Lynnfield regarding the pipeline installation through Lynnfield
  4. Any and all names of individuals and departments who were notified, part of the negotiation or communicated with Kinder Morgan regarding the proposed pipeline.
  5. List of Selectman who authorized Mr. Crawford to negotiate with Kinder Morgan on behalf of Lynnfield; along with a copy of their authorization.
  6. Details of any mitigation money offered to or agreed upon for the Town of Lynnfield. This would include the funding of any special projects or programs such as: construction or improvement of a new library, new golf course, club house or any other development or improvement project for the town?

Thank you for your cooperation with this matter.

Thank You,

Katy Shea

Below is the response received.  Additional documents were forwarded which I will be posting in t he near future.

Boudreau emails scan0001

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