Selectman Terranova Responds to Call for Resignation

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
In last week’s edition of The Villager, Lynnfield resident Denis Ritchie impugned my character and reputation by making accusations that are patently false. This is the third time Mr. Ritchie has attacked me in print, and I want to correct the record; specifically, as he has most recently alleged, that in my professional practice as a CPA, “I represent Joseph Pedoto,” the owner of the Perley Burrill gas station and according to Mr. Ritchie, “the largest tax evader in the Town of Lynnfield, currently over $165,000…” Mr. Ritchie asserts that “I have been Mr. Pedoto’s accountant for the past ten years… I have ignored the Conflict of Interest laws… and have ‘illegally protected [my] client’ by disclosing confidential information.” Mr. Ritchie calls these allegations “grievous acts of non-transparency to the Town, for which I should resign.”
I have terminated my professional relationship with Mr. Pedoto, and have no personal relationship with him. For the record, I have never communicated the Town’s business to him, in any capacity, particularly with respect to Lynnfield’s lawsuit involving Mr. Pedoto and his property.
Odd that Mr. Ritchie would engage in such libel, as public records indicate that he has had numerous state and federal tax liens on his Lynnfield home amounting to approximately $200,000 and, last year, declared bankruptcy, culminating in a discharge of debt to over 50 creditors, with liabilities totaling over $5,000,000.
I have always acted in the best interest of the Town, and my record of service is one of financial integrity, and prudent budget oversight. I am always happy to entertain contrary viewpoints, but I cannot stay silent when someone engages in pure defamation, attempting to pull focus or steer the Town’s conversation to a particular resident’s false and misleading agenda.
Tom Terranova

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