Town Meeting: Article #4 – Why 5 Selectmen?

Vote YES on Article #4

Why 5 Selectman?

  • We need more selectman to deal with today’s bigger problems and growing needs:
  • Rising taxes
  • High pressure gas pipelines
  • Closing of Union Hospital
  • Ever-growing budget
  • Ballooning debts
  • Market Street issues
  • Traffic
  • Road repairs
  • New Town buildings
  • Center Farm
  • Route One Businesses
  • Rail trail
  • Field maintenance.
  • The charter is 48 years old. The quorum was changed at Town Meeting several years ago
    1. 5 will be able to work in twos without violation of the OPEN MEETING LAW
    2. 5 are less likely to override town meeting votes
    3. More varied thought and life experience to apply to town business
    4. Greater TOWN transparency and more inclusion
    5. Increased contact and representation for Lynnfield citizens
    6. Two more selectmen to stay in contact with many committees in Town
    7. Most Town Committees and Boards have 5 or more members
    8. Control Town development to protect our neighborhoods
    9. Ballooning debt, post-employment benefits, and pension cost.
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