Something for all of us to consider…..

I have been a resident of Lynnfield, Massachusetts for most of my life My parents still live on North Hill Drive with the pipeline directly adjacent to their back yard, so this project will have a direct and devastating effect on the lives of me and my family.

The pipeline will also run through directly through the middle of town of Lynnfield’s water shed, which is the largest water shed along the Ipswich River. Our town had a representative from the river protection association come and speak at public meeting to explained all of this. There are actually 3 cities and towns that draw their drinking water from this water shed, including Lynnfield. The town of Lynn, MA also draws it’s water from here, this pipeline directly impacts their drinking water quality, but I am sure they have no idea that the project is impacting them. This is how Kinder Morgan works, they have been trying to expedite this pipeline permitting process without allowing the communities it effects to respond. It is also my understanding that there are 12 towns and cities that get their drinking water from the Ipswich River, which is directly endangered by this pipeline.

Here are my concerns.

I have researched the topic and see that studies have shown that on a handful of days in the winter (6 – 12 days at most), there is a need for an additional .6bcf per day of natural gas in New England. Here is the problem with this pipeline. The pipeline is actually sized to carry 2.4 BCF per day of fracked gas per day. I have also read reputable articles that KM has actually reduced the flow of natural gas through the other pipelines in New England to fabricate additional shortage! Why have they been doing this? The TRUE REASON for this pipeline is being withheld by Kinder Morgan, but in all of my research and the research of many people on this pipeline is that it is being built so that Kinder Morgan can export the gas to Europe where they are paying 3 times the price for natural gas from Russia and other suppliers.

The fact that the pipeline is grossly oversized for the export of gas can also be shown to be true because I see on their website that they just awarded a 356 million dollar contract to build ships. A pipeline company from Texas building ships on the east coast? It’s not difficult to connect the dots there.

It is also my understanding that the Lynnfield Lateral and Peabody Lateral are the 24″ (most of the volume of the gas through the main line to Dracut) and this lateral is being directed towards the ocean, Aimed directly at Salem Harbor, location of the closed Salem Power Station with infrastructure for natural gas tankers. They also claim to be tying the pipeline into the Maritime pipeline located adjacent to the end of the Peabody Lateral in Danvers which runs to Canada. This pipeline, which was originally being used to bring natural gas to New England, has been used to send gas in the OPPOSITE direction, sending the gas to Canada for export, so with this in mind, the Lynnfield Lateral and Peabody lateral are evidently the Export branch of the pipeline.

There are already other gas pipelines in place and in planning owned by KM and Spectra that can meet this demand, it’s a redundant pipeline, the only rational conclusion is that it’s all about getting the gas from the Marcellus Shale field to sea to sell to foreign markets, so don’t be fooled by KM’s propaganda machine.

The next problem I have is that one pipeline does not change the price of natural gas, the price is dictated by the market, not the pipelines. Ask any expert if one pipe can PROMISE to lower the price, and they will tell you it can’t. On the contrary, this pipe will make it so we are competing for the same gas on the global market which will RAISE the price for New England consumers! Next problem: The pipeline will cost over 4 billion dollars, and the Feds will allow them to pass off the price of the construction to New England rate payers in the form of a ‘delivery surcharge’ which is another name for A TAX. This will ADD to the cost of the gas we already have access to, and THIS PIPE WILL RAISE THE PRICE OF GAS to NE!!

Next problem: I have been a petroleum engineer for over 28 years. I have been reading about this for a year and can tell you that KM has been very deceptive and underhanded about this project. Every town in it’s path is now AGAINST the pipeline, For instance they have set up an office in NH to supposedly allow residents to come in and get information, which is a crock, one article said the doors were always closed and when they looked in the window they see stacks of lawn signs to support the pipeline. They do not come to each town to ask permission, in Lynnfield MA we found out when they sent surveyors to knock on doors asking to sign for permission to survey for a pipeline that most likely won’t go in. Unsuspecting homeowners had no idea a 24″ 1460psi fracked pipeline transmitting 1.3 BCF per day through their yard!

I am also concerned about the fact that a large section of the pipeline is going directly through Article 97 protected wetlands within Massachusetts. It is a shame that the government is considering allowing a Texas based corporation to use their money to rip through the open and protected areas of our beautiful state, causing irreparable damage to our protected spaces, endangered species, and the drinking water of  dozens of communities for an export pipeline, where the gas is mainly intended for foreign markets!!

This brings me to my final point: They are taking land from homeowners citing ’eminent domain’. According the Wikipedia, eminent domain must be land taken for PUBLIC USE. An EXPORT pipeline being disguised by KM as being gas for our use is not PUBLIC USE and therefore taking land from homeowners for this pipeline in my opinion is AGAINST THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION. From Wikipedia ‘James Madison, who wrote the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution, had a more moderate view, and struck a compromise that sought to at least protect property rights somewhat by explicitly mandating compensation and using the term “public use” rather than “public purpose,” “public interest”, or “public benefit”. Don’t be fooled by the KM propaganda machine, this is all about export of the gas. Lastly, KM is routing this pipeline within 25 feet of residents homes. The INCINERATION ZONE for this pipeline is about 600’, so KM is risking the lives of our citizens of the Commonwealth all in the name of corporate greed, and any casualties of human life to them is simply the cost of doing business. What more would you expect from Richard Kinder of KM, former ENRON executive who left Enron just before the crap hit the fan.. he is a greedy man who is not to be trusted! Please, I sincerely ask you to consider the devastating effect this pipeline will have to me, my family, my neighbors, my community, and the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts!

Thank you for taking the time to read my concerns.

Robert Douglas

Lynnfield, MA

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One comment on “Something for all of us to consider…..
  1. Theresa Crowely says:


    With your knowledge through your profession you know so much more than most about this subject. I am a homeowner in Lynnfield and it took us more than two years and thousands of dollars to improve our property all due to the fact that we had a few feet of wetlands on the other side of our property. Now that was our own issue with conservation/watershed. Now this KM company can just over rule and walk through protected land. WHY!

    This pipeline will not benefit a large percentage of this town’s residence because there is little access to natural gas in Lynnfield. People have not been informed about this entire project until recently. It appears KM wants to slip it’s pipline through the town before residents could have a voice. The entire project is not for the good of all, it is for the profits of a few. I agree with you completely and will be at all future meetings about KM’s project.

    Theresa Crowley
    Lynnfield, MA

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