Holding FERC Accountable

Below is a recently received email that requests concerned citizens to hold FERC accountable. Please read and consider signing the attached PETITION by pasting and clipping the short cut onto your browser.

 IMPORTANT PETITION! http://bit.ly/DRN-PetitionToReviewFERC

More information below, including a sign-on letter for organizations.
Note that the letters are focused on Senators Warren and Sanders because of the committee they serve on, so please circulate the petition link widely in MA and VT!
As we all know — FERC is a blatantly biased agency that doesn’t just favor the pipeline companies over the public, but actively works to help advance pipelines, including by stripping the public of our legal rights to challenge projects in the courts.

A Government Accountability Office Review of FERC could help to shine the light of day on the abuses of FERC and thereby compliment all the work we do.  But, we need to do 3 things to get a good GAO review that helps us.

1) We need senators on the proper committee to ask GAO to do the review.  Senators Sanders and Warren are on that committee.  Please considering signing the attached letter to the senators to ask them to make this request.
2) We are likely to need broad public support for the ask in order to get senators sanders and warren to take the step of asking the GAO for this review.  Here is a link to a petition where we hope to get thousands of signatures from all the individuals and organizations who see FERC and the infrastructure projects they are advancing as a major threat that needs to be stopped.  Please help to circulate this petition.  http://bit.ly/DRN-PetitionToReviewFERC
3)  We need to pull together the dossier of abuses that we will submit to GAO once a review is going, and that we can use to inform the press of the many abuses happening at FERC to get them to print the stories necessary to push the politics in our direction which will also help us secure a solid GAO review.  You can either send us information about an abuse of power you have experienced with your pipeline (you can send it to me in the first instance at keepermaya@delawareriverkeeper.org) or join the subcommittee that will be working to pull together and advance this dossier.  What kinds of abuses?  See the areas of focus in the attached letter, feel free to let us know what we missed in case we want to expand our ask in future letters.
Attached is the more full letter the Delaware Riverkeeper Network submitted this past week for more detail on the ask and supporting evidence.
Maya K. van Rossum
Maya K. van Rossum
the Delaware Riverkeeper
Delaware Riverkeeper Network
925 Canal Street, Suite 3701, Bristol, PA 19007
Twitter: @DelRiverkeeper
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