One buildable lot, turns into Two?

This is an interesting letter that poses the question, Are larger ” One House Lots” up for grabs with developers?  Are our neighborhoods protected?  Please read for more details.

Lynnfield Board of Selectmen

Lynnfield Town Hall

55 Summer Street

Lynnfield, Mass. 01940


I am concerned about the many truckloads of dirt and debris being dumped on the building site of 15 Apple Hill Lane. I have seen 50 to 60 truckloads being dumped there and there may be many more that I have not witnessed.

Could you please tell me who in the town is monitoring this dirt and if it contains any contaminates.

Could you also please tell me who in the town is monitoring the change in topography at 15 Apple Hill Lane since this fill is right on top of the conservation area which is adjacent to the town water supply.

Who is checking that my drinking water is not being contaminated?

In addition, a great number of large trees have been taken down on this land. Was there a survey done beforehand on the impact of cutting all these trees which formerly took up a large amount of ground water? Who is monitoring the drainage of oil, salt, and contaminates coming off of Cortland Land through the existing drainage easement and now through this land onto Conservation land and ultimately into our town water supply?

My  neighbors and I are very concerned as evidenced by the large turnout at the Dec. 16, 2015 Planning Board Meeting. The Planning Board was unable to answer any of these questions.

It seems the proper action now is to stop this project until all these questions and concerns are addressed. Irreparable damage could happen to the drainage and town water supply if this project is allowed to proceed.

Thank you for your help. I await your response.



Concerned Lynnfield Neighbor


cc: Lynnfield Conservation Commission, Town Hall

Lynnfield Planning Board, Town Hall

Lynnfield Building Department, Town Hall

Lynnfield Center Water District, Town Hall

Mass. DEP Headquarters, 1 Winter St., Boston, Ma. 02108

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