New Organization Facebook Site Announced

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Lynnfield Initiative For Transparency (L.I.F.T) and all residents and well-wishers of Lynnfield,

This LIFT initiative is not of one person but of a team with supporters. LIFT is a grass roots effort to keep Lynnfield Residents informed on matters effecting Lynnfield that may be important to them and their families.  It is a “No Ad” site that has become extremely popular with increased viewership month-over-month.  Consequently, to improve our presentations and reach, we are moving to a new facebook organization page at

The advantage of this move is that it allows many more friends and supporters. This new platform will help to better engage a broader audience of Lynnfield residents and well-wishers.

How to Connect: 

We hope you will to and “Like” the page so that you are able to stay up to date with L.I.F.T postings.

So the conversations can be focused, constructive and helpful, the following are guidelines for membership on our new Facebook page:

Lynnfield Residents will be included

  • We do our best to verify residency and validation of identity
  • Friends promoting a for profit business or services will not be included
  • Friend’s comments should be focused on their views of the ideas/positions/concepts presented. Personal attacks/disparagement of individuals/organizations are not appropriate and will not be accepted.  The purpose/intent of the site is to inform Lynnfield Citizens  and promote discussion of the issues facing Lynnfield. LIFT provides a platform for citizens constructive input, so we can all be better informed.

As always, all of the information on this site is available on our blog, for your viewership.

Thank you for your continued input and support of Lynnfield Transparency .

All the best,

Katy Shea and Dave Miller, Co-Founders of Lynnfield Transparency

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