The unofficial results for Lynnfield Annual Town Election are in.

Richard Dalton has beaten out 27-year-old Michael Walsh for the open Selectman’s seat, by approximately 200 votes.

Below are the unofficial results from contested elections:

Board of Selectman:  Richard Dalton-933, Michael Walsh-707  

Both candidates ran a great race. Mr. Dalton’s supporters came out and have placed him as our newest Selectman. Mr. Walsh should be commended for his efforts.  He is one of the youngest  Lynnfield residents to run for Selectman and amassed his 700+ votes by conducting a door-to-door “grass roots” campaign.  Both candidates ran respectable races.  Congratulations to Mr. Dalton and much success in your new position as Lynnfield Selectman.

The write-in election for Planning Board became an interesting race with three write-in candidates.  Alan Dresios, Planning Board incumbent won this race with 251 votes.  Al Sylvia came in second with 151 votes and Tomasz Pagos third with 131.  The Planning Board promises to be a very busy board in the near future with several development projects in the wings.

Planning Board:

Alan Dresios-251

Tomasz Pagos-131

Al Sylvia Jr.-183


Thank you to all the candidates for running great races and your steadfast interest in Lynnfield’s future.

Katy Shea

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