Interesting Turn of Events….

Tuesday night (4/4) Ted Tye for National Development tabled their article for a Cinema to at least the Fall Town Meeting. True to form they spun the reason why. According to Tye, they wanted to allow the town time to vet the proposal. That is nonsense, poppycock and balderdash. They pulled the article primarily because they simply didn’t have the votes and secondarily because they met a wall of outrage. Town officials questioned why ND brought this forward at the last possible minute with absolutely no fore warning and no time to vet the proposal. Quite simply National tried to pull a fast one and badly miscalculated. Pathetic.

This is the fourth time National Development has tried to break their agreement with the town and their neighbors. ND may very well only have a project at all because of their agreement not to have a Cinema on the property. People voted for the project because of that assurance. National Development has routinely and continually ignored the intentions of the project’s design standards. Worse this was an attempt to overthrow the very zoning of the property. Enough is enough on this subject.

Now National will spend the summer trying to build support for this ill-conceived idea. There are plenty of very good reasons beyond National’s broken promises to deny this radical change in zoning. But that can wait for now.

Many thanks must go to the town officials who questioned the manner this was done and questioned the need for a Cinema. More thanks to people from around town who stated that even if they liked going to the movies this was a bad idea and a violation of the town’s agreement with National Development. Of course thank you to all the neighbors who refused to be tricked and rolled over by National Development. Stay vigilant because ND has proved to be untrustworthy and not willing to live up to their agreements. They will be back trying to twist the agreement to their profit with no regard for damage to people in town.

The Committee To Preserve Lynnfield

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