Rail Trail Vote

Dear Friends.

Tomorrow is Town Meeting.  I urge you to PLEASE VOTE NO on Article 24: Rail Trail.


Every vote counts, and one vote can change the outcome of this article!  Please bring friends and family members to vote article 24 down.


 On 4/10/17 Our Board of selectmen voted Not To Recommend Article 24, for many good reasons and facts. The State & Gov. funds STIP  have been pushed up to 2021 or maybe even later. Funds are not available now.  Many questions are still going unanswered regarding construction costs, the process, damage to the environment, endangered animals, engineering plans, even the integrity of World Tech, the design firm.


What Lynnfield needs are better parks, and fields. Monday at Town Meeting we will be asked to vote and appropriate $5.9 million for our schools and parks. The  Middle School fields and Track, are in desperate need of repairs. Our town doesn’t have the money to maintain and repair the infrastructures that we already have, so we do not need to be building a Rail Trail with no guarantee of money, to add to that list of ill repair.


Young families with children please be aware that the law in place right now regarding Sex Offenders not being allowed to go within so many feet of schools and parks does NOT apply to a Rail Trail. This law will not apply to the Rail Trail because it is deemed a means of transportation. It will become a road through our woods, and meadows so no one will be excluded to use the Rail Trail if built.  Plus, a plastic manufactured boardwalk through our meadow, and the risk of it melting in a fire. How much will it cost to replace such a boardwalk?


Abutters, who have lived peacefully in their homes for many years, their lives will be altered as  along with this Rail Trail comes an invasion of  privacy, congestion on our streets, and roads, parking issues, and possible crime.

Please come to Town Meeting and help shut down Article 24.

Thank you for your time,

Debbie LaConte

Please feel free to forward and share if you agree.

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