LYNNFIELD — Town Administrator James Boudreau could be heading back to the South Shore.

Boudreau is one of the three finalists for the administrator’s position in Scituate. Before taking the Lynnfield job in 2014, Boudreau was town administrator in Norwell for 16 years.

“Jim made us aware that he was interviewing for the Scituate town administrator’s position,” said selectmen Chairman Christopher Barrett. “He informed me that he is considering this move because it is in the best interests of his family.”

Barrett has worked with Boudreau as a selectman and as a school committee member.

“I have enjoyed working with him to help move Lynnfield forward and have gained great respect for him as one of the very best town administrators in Massachusetts,” said Barrett. “I wish him and his family the very best and if he isn’t offered the position, I look forward to continuing to work for him for many years ahead as the Lynnfield town administrator.”

The other two finalists in Scituate are Tony Marino, the assistant town administrator in Hanover, and Kevin Sweet, the town administrator in Maynard, according to the Scituate Mariner newspaper.

The three candidates are expected to interview with the board of selectmen early next year. The job description for the position states that the compensation package for the job is negotiable.