Cineplex Update

cinemaGood news. At last Thursday’s MarketStreet Advisory Committee, the committee decided on an 11-1 vote to request National Development to submit a specific proposal, rather than have the committee develop a proposal. The motion, by Anne Mitchell, was:
I move that the MSAC, before spending any further time and resources on evaluating a general theater concept for MarketStreet as suggested by National Development,
• request National Development to provide a specific theater proposal (which shall include the actual proposed language to amend the zoning by-law) for this Committee’s review and evaluation, and
• after receiving and reviewing the specific theater proposal, that this Committee decide on the process for (a) reviewing the specific theater proposal from National Development, (b) conducting discovery and fact-finding on all of the relevant issues, and (c) agreeing on an advisement/recommendation on the theater proposal.
Members and the public described many issues that they believe National should answer. The issues included:
1. Traffic
2. Impact of Building 1350
3. Location of future of garage
4. Financial viability of Cineplex developer
5. Is the theatre a pure lease or will ND be participating in profitability of the cineplex?

More details will be provided after minutes are approved.
The next steps are up to National Development.

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