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Golf Enterprise Account

To better inform you on Lynnfield’s Golf Enterprise Account, the following information is provided below. Lynnfield Golf Enterprise Account Total Revenue Total Expenses Profit/Loss *FY07 $542,019 $826,296 ($284,277) *FY08 $693,183 $1,479,362 ($786,179) *FY09 $922,230 $732,775 $189,455 *FY10 $970,061 $859,156 $110,905

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Should Lynnfield Be Investing In Golf Courses?

During Lynnfield’s Town Meeiting on Monday, April 30th, you will be asked to invest in King Rail Golf Course. Below is an interesting perspective on the golf industry. Katy Shea Golf has landed in the deep rough locally and nationwide

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Theater Design – Market Street Meeting Thursday, April 26

Please see the attached agenda for the upcoming Market Street meeting. At this meeting the following information will be presented: design, experience and financial impact. Parking plans and the potential parking structure will also be reviewed. The meeting will be

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“none of us can possibly know what we all know”

”.Dear Editor, Readers, Neighbors and Friends Denying open meeting participation is the wrong approach as, “none of us can possibly know what we all know”. Last Wednesday, April 4th, was a first. Having attended nearly all of the past Market

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Voting Today Lynnfield High School 7am -8pm

Town elections are today and your vote is important. Please follow ballot instructions and cast your vote. Have a great day! Katy Shea

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Proposed School Budget Rises as Children Services and Programs Face Cuts

The annual town election is Tuesday, April 10. There is a hotly contested race for school committee. Your choice is: · Re-elect long-time School Committee Chairman Tim Doyle, who promises stability and a proven track record · Elect Kimberly Hansen,

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“No one has ever complained about it before.” I am thrilled with the creation of the new space committee and hope for great results from it. It is clear however, that this committee will not save PREDs for next year.

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